• Volume Discounts

  • MODOT Approved Aggregate

  • AG Lime

  • Base Rock

  • Clean Stone

  • 3/4" Concrete Rock

  • High Calcium Carbonate Content

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Address: 13275 Thorn Road, Jasper, MO 64755

Office Phone: (417) 394-3099, Fax: (417) 394-3089

Cell #'s: Steve: (417) 793-0573, Larry (913) 284-6407











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Open 7 AM to 4 PM Monday-Friday

The Jasper Stone, LLC. quarry serves the four state region of southwest Missouri, southeast Kansas, northwest Arkansas & Northeast Oklahoma.  This region includes all of Jasper County Missouri and the cities of Carthage Missouri,  Joplin Missouri, Neosho Missouri and Pittsburg Kansas.